Class of 1956

Central High School
Class of 1956


We are always
saddened to learn about
the loss of classmates.
Below you'll find
those reported during
the past few years
and links to more



Margaret Carey Dennen
died in Memphis
September 3, 2016

Jerry Read
died in Memphis
August 18, 2016

Raye Ann Loskove Greenbaum
died in Nashville
August 12, 2016

Charlotte Peterson

died August 6, 2016

D. Jack Smith
died on
July 18, 2016

Ann Holmes Bratcher
died on June 11, 2016
in Prattsville, AL

Kay Wilkerson
died in Slidell, LA
April 15, 2016



All of our known
deceased classmates are listedin the
In Memoriam
of this website and a
section has been
added about the more
recent losses in our class.

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Dear Central Class’56 60th Reunion Celebrants,

All you needed was a little push. The reservations are rolling in every day now for our reunion NEXT MONTH. Some of you thought that you had to reserve before September 1, but that ain’t so. The Courtyard by Marriott was requesting notice by late September, but there is no “cutoff” date for your attendance. It would make your planners happy, though, to have a dependable head count at the earliest date.

It’s getting down to crunch time for specifics at our 60th. If you have any special requests for the reunion activities, by all means make your desires known. And, of course, we need some able-bodied volunteers to get the job done. Most of the big stuff is settled, but there are many little things that, with your help, can make this the great time that you want it to be! There is talk of a short planning meeting next Tuesday at noon. If you want to be a part, express your interest in a reply and we will get the specifics for you.

Our treasurer, Betty Russell, advises us that our finances are in good shape…and that we can, indeed, pay our bills! Her records indicate that so far we have 89 attending, including a number of singles. There are still many classmates whom we are expecting to get onboard.
Sooooo, warm up your vocal chords for a rousing rendition of
“Come on you Warriors, up on your toes, give your best to ‘ol Central”
[Don’t worry, we’ll have a printout of the words to help us along.]

Here is a list of the reservations received so far:

Joy Allenberg Wilk & Larry   Billy Schaefer & Margaret
Marlene Belz Libby   Pete Ruby
Mary Elizabeth Cocke Roe   Nancy Shannon McPherson
Frances (Irene) Cox Jamieson & daughter   Phil Sherman & Sandy
Marcia Davidson Moskovitz   Bryan Simon & Janna
Ralph Davis & Mary   Jon Simpson & Caroline
John Dillard & Ann   Billie Thompson McMillan & daughter
Jim Gordon   Richard Vollmer & Laura
Henry (Hank) Gotten & Evelyn   Ramsay Wall & Elizabeth
Frankie Graves Hromada   Otis Warr & Marilane
Ralph Gray & Genie   Bernie Weiss
Don & Betty Fay McAlister Griggs   David and Beverly Yates White
Fred Guyton & Beverly Estes   Vivian Wilson Murchison & Harry
Richard Harwood & Brenda   Vernon Wood & Janace
Jack Hoelscher & Barbara   Dick Wyatt
Morris Kriger & Judy   Kay Wylie Hylander
Joe Lape & Jackie    
Don Leake & Vandy   NEW ENROLLEES
Natalie Lewis Rosenberg  

Heard Cunningham & Ginny

Gerald Dwain McLemore  

Robert Moore

Eileen Mitchell  

Evelyn Salky Meltzer & Mitchell

Bill Moss & Kathryn  

Ruth Ella Burrow and Jerry Peters

Virginia Perry Armacost  

Ed Simmons & Vicki

Beverly Phillips Wickenhiser  

Mitzi Kapell Aronson & Ben

Mary Russell Ragsdale Cunningham  

Finis Carrell

Barbara Rauscher Walters    
Sylvia Ross    
Judy Schwartz Boshwit &
Raymond Shainberg

Lynda Wexler – WHO??


a’56 Hutchison graduate,
(but a Central wantabe)


Note: Steve Dendrinos sent in a donation though he can’t attend.
THANKS, Steve!

In August we announced there was Good News and Not-So-Good News

The Good News first…..

You’ve been hearing all too often from us, huh? But there is news that we believe you want to know. Our goal is to keep you informed.

Ran into a reliable college friend today who told a story that many of you may not have heard. He said that in the 1950’s, Central High School was the ONLY public school in the COUNTRY that colleges and universities recruited students from. That make you feel special? Maybe a little more proud of your Central diploma? Or proud of your high school friends? Probably!


We have already received many reservations for our 60th Reunion on October 21-22. Thanks for your prompt response. For those of you who have not sent in your forms, please do so soon, so that your organizers can continue to develop a fun time for you. We need and WANT to hear from you!

We’re looking for a volunteer to put together a slide or video show for our Friday and Saturday night reunion events. Several of us have videos and snapshots that could help in the assembly. We may be able to dig up the video presented at our 50th, which could be inserted, too. How about it ???

As we prepare to meet for our 60th Reunion on October 21-22, we are often reminded of the fragile nature of our lives and the importance of sharing wonderful memories of our many class members who have departed. Make it a point to attend our reunion and join those of us who are fortunate enough to welcome the smiles of our Central classmates.

Not-So-Good News

We’ve had a lot of communication with class members surrounding the 60th Reunion. Much of it has helped us identify new locations, email addresses and phone numbers. We also have identified, with your help, heretofore unknown deaths. With due respect to each lost classmate, we submit the names of classmates who passed away during recent years who were unknown to us:.

Harry "Lloyd" Colter, Jr., Dec. 11, 2007
Doris Jean Schilly Kuehn Oct. 16, 2012
Elinor Kochman Himes Nov. 12, 2013
Jimmie Austin Kemp June 16, 2013
Charles Holcomb, Dec. 1, 2014
Nona Ray Mosier Reed - April 27, 2014
Fred Marshall "Grand" Holland - Feb. 16, 2015
Milton Blalack
Sara Dahl McPhail

Condolences to the families of these departed. We remember them all.

Details about these fallen classmates are shown here .

Recent 2016 Class Losses

On August 18, 2016, we learned that Jerry Read died after a short bout with pancreatic cancer. Jerry was certainly one of our favorite classmates…quiet, unassuming, and very friendly. We extend our heartfelt sympathy to Priscilla and Jerry’s family.

Beverly (Yates) White of Nashville was thoughtful in notifying us of the death of classmate, Raye Ann Loskove Greenbaum on August 12, 2016 in Nashville. Who can forget that huge smile wrapped in bright red hair?

We also shared with you the sad news of the recent death of our classmate, Charlotte Peterson Carrell on August 6, 2016.

Regretfully, we report the death of D. Jack Smith died on July 18

Anne Holmes Bratcher died on June 11, 2016 in Prattsville, AL..

In April, we received notice of Kay Wilkerson Montgomery’s death on April 15, 2016, in Slidell, LA.Kay’s husband, Marvin, shared with us that sadly, Kay suffered from alzheimers for several years.

All of these obituaries are included here.

Billy Schaefer
Class Recorder


NOW GET A PENCIL (pen is better!)

Friday, October 21 and
Saturday, October 22, 2016
(Yep, that’s THIS year)

The 60th Reunion - Central High Class of 1956
The Saturday evening venue will be held at
The Village at Germantown (meeting time and program is in the works)
Friday plans are incomplete… except that whatever

The Green & Gold Open!---
Richard Harwood is setting up a golf experience for any and
all of our class members, spouses and even vintage friends.

OK, now, just how many more reunions can you anticipate?
Wouldn’t it be prudent to be SURE you attend this one?
Yes, some will be moving slower and creakier than others,
but we’re still moving, huh!

Besides, who cares about the physical appearances
when you get to visit with folks that were (are)
a major part of your life?


The ’56 Warriors did it again!
Yeah? WHAT?
Porked out at our Pete & Sam’s annual dinner in 2015
  Wednesday, December 2 @ 6:00 PM
Pete and Sam’s Restaurant

Each year a couple of “new” faces show up, but most of the regulars are, uhhh…, regular. Richard Harwood couldn't pin down everyone, but he photo’d most of us eating, drinking, and/or laughing. check us out}

We could not come up with clever titles for the snapshots, though there were many clever folks in attendance. Most of you just want names anyway. “WHO?”you say.

Our trusted website manager (and Class of ’54 member), Frank Land, has loaded our website with snapshots of classmates at the dinner party. See our personal website at:
Plans are still in the making for a 60th Reunion next October.
The recommended date is October 21 & 22, 2016.

Phil Sherman has been working diligently on a dinner location for one night of our 60th.  He has checked numerous places, but is very enthused about the Village at Germantown, where they will serve us a good meal for under $25. No kidding?!  
Other groups who have used their facilities have been very satisfied, according to Phil and, sidekick, Ramsay Wall.

No, Sherman, we will NOT conflict with the Tennessee/Alabama football game
on the 15th, so we will likely meet in either the 1st or 3rd week in October.

There is still a lot of planning to do, but getting the date and the location is primary. Your comments are welcome and necessary

Class of ’56 Party Planners


Joy, Billy and Phil have expressed interest in a get-together of some sort next year, to celebrate the fact that we are still able and willing!

Of course, your opinion is very important. If the interest is there, we are confident we can reignite the Reunion Committee’s flame...maybe even encourage some additional eager enthusiasts.

If enough people are interested, then a plan could be developed and action begun. Since this one is the big 60th, maybe you would like to expand the scope of our local annual meetings to encourage many of our out of town classmates to “come on down!” It’s always fun to share memories of an unforgettable (and fortunate) high school experience.

Month Preferred? Where? How Long? How So???? Let us hear what you have to say. It's as easy
as selecting
REPLY on this email or addressing an envelope and snail-mailing a note to:

Joy, Phil, & Billy

1375 Pebble Creek Lane
Memphis, TN 38120





You Did It Again!


Around 65 of us had a great time on Dec.10th, revisiting the “old” days at Central. Kudos to each
of you who attended and entertained your buddies! A special recognition goes out to our spouses and guests who committed three hours of their time to help us act like teenagers again.

Pete & Sam’s did a superb job of catering to all of our food and drink requirements, while
we babbled…laughed…and remembered.

Carolyn, Betty, Barbara, Becky, and other helpers decorated our tables and wall with green and gold and balloons to match. Joy supplied a big vanilla cake, mounded with icing and inscribed with our name and colors. What an unselfish group of volunteers …errrr Warriors!

We collected $176 in donations last night, which will cover our website expenses, dinner decorations
and some miscellaneous items. Thanks to all of you who contributed.

So, what’s next? Appears obvious that a dinner meeting in November/December of 2015 is in the
cards. In the meantime, check out our website, .

Now, it’s time for me to quit reminding you of what a great group of people (and friends) we have in
our Class of ’56....YOU KNOW IT BY NOW!!!

Stay tuned for the latest news, provided by you …to me…to you.

Billy Schaefer


From December 2013,

Notice the capital “C". . .
that’s because you are a CAPITAL group!

Smiles, laughing, and positive attitudes. That’s what the 75th Birthday Celebration last Tuesday
(Dec. 10) was all about. Pete & Sam’s did a super job of feeding and filling us, and the venue made planning simple. Joy Wilk provided a cake and balloons for the tables and BOOM, we had a party underway!

Amidst the issues that surround us all at age 75, it’s special to spend a few hours remembering all the good things that we have experienced. Central High in the 50’s has to be very high on the list.

We occasionally hear news of other Warrior classes, and FOR SURE our class may be the best.

Yeah, the best!









Though we had a whopping group of 60, wouldn’t it be nice to have more classmates join
the merriments? We missed
many. Unfortunately, only those classmates with email addresses
receive “formal” invitations. Of those, maybe 50% responded "yea" or "nay". It’s difficult to call or
snail-mail 300+ invitations.


In 2013 we reported....

Again, and too soon, I must inform you of the death of a fellow classmate
Jimmy Demopolis (Damon)

Evelyn Salky Meltzer was kind enough to forward a note and an article in the Chicago Sun-Times.

  Jimmy Demopoulis (Damon)

Chicago Sun-Times - 4/25/13)

Jimmy had a contagious smile, unmistakably revealed in his lifelong love of singing and performing.
One of his close Chicago friends said, “Although many of us down here are sad, the angels are clearly delighted. They had been waiting a long while for a man with such an extraordinary heart who really knows how to sing a standard.”

We will miss him

We have received many emails regarding memories of Jimmy (Demopolis) Damon. So many so, that we thought you would enjoy seeing them. See other Classmates' memories of Jimmy D

Reporting Classmate Deaths

The growing number of losses among classmates has often lent a sad note to these newsletters.That's why we changed the newsletter (home page) to concentrate more on the living side of our class.We'll still report the sadder side to you in other pages where the bad news is shown. It was our thinking that while we all want to know what is going on with our classmates, we don't want to dwell on the bad news either. It's much more enjoyable to hear good news about everyone.

On the left side of this page, is a sidebar announcing recent classmate deaths with links to the In Memoriam page with links to recent obituaries.

P. S. Remember to keep checking our website

If you have a contribution to share with the class,
please direct it to Billy Schaefer